Intro to NWB

Neurodata Without Borders (NWB) provides a common self-describing format ideal for archiving neurophysiology data and sharing it with colleagues. NWB provides a standardized schema – a set of rules and best practices – to help neuroscientists package their data and metadata together so that they are both machine- and human-readable.

Storing your neurophysiology data in the NWB format is beneficial to you and the broader scientific community in several important ways. First, it helps you easily use popular data processing, analysis, and visualization tools. Second, it helps both you and other scientists reuse the data to gain additional scientific insights. Finally, converting your data to NWB is a critical step for getting your data in the DANDI Archive to share it with collaborators and the public.

We understand that using a different data format than you are accustomed to using can be daunting. This guide will walk you through what NWB is, how to use NWB tools to convert your data to NWB, and how to read and interact with your data (and any other data) in the NWB format.