3. General

3.1. Getting Help

Detailed documentation of the various aspects of the NWB-N project are available here:

The documents are also available in PDF, Epub, and zipped HTML form for print and offline browsing:

3.2. Sources

The sources for the API, format specification, and all documents are available here:

  • PyNWB (APIs) https://bitbucket.org/lblneuro/pynwb . The PyNWB repository includes among others:
    • src/pynwb : Sources of the PyNWB data API
    • src/form : Sources of the Flexible Object-Relational Mapping API
    • docs/ : Sphinx documentation of the APIs
    • tests/ : Unit test suite for the APIs
  • NWB Schema https://bitbucket.org/lblneuro/nwb-schema . The nwb-schema repositry includes among others:
    • core : YAML specification of the NWB core format
    • docs/general : Sphinx sources for the general overview documentation
    • docs/language : Sphinx sources for the specification language documention
    • docs/format : Sphinx sources for the format specification documentation
    • docs/storage : Sphinx sources for the data storage documention
    • docs/utils : Python utilities used for generation of the format documentation from the YAML specification. This includes convenient helper functions for rendering specification hierarchies and for generating RST docs.
    • The original spec and sources for converting the original spec to the new format are included as part of original and bin

3.3. Reporting Issues


TODO: Add documentation on how to report issues for the various aspects of the project

3.4. Contributing to NWB


TODO: Add documentation on how to contribute to different parts of NWB